Simple centrepieces for your big day

Everyone wants their wedding day to be special and memorable. At the same time, budget can also be an important issue as well as space on your tables. For this, and many other reasons, people often look for simple centrepieces instead of large, flashy bouquets.


Most wedding receptions call for round tables for the guests. The bridal party is often seated at a rectangular-shaped table. For the round tables, you will want a bouquet that will look good in the centre and will not take up too much space. It should also not obstruct the eye-contact between your guests. Small, round bouquets arranged in floral foam are wonderful. All you need is three to five colourful blooms, some foliage and a suitable container.


Another alternative would be to create a more watery setting with a round bowl filled with water, a heavy vase filler like gemstones and a floating flower like a gardenia on top. Gardenias have a wonderful perfume and they are some of the most beautiful blooms available. You can use the vase fillers to compliment the colour scheme of your wedding in general.


There’s another option that can help keep costs down while acting as a source of light. Candles can act as the focal point of an arrangement and you can surround them with ample foliage and smaller flowers.


For the bridal table, the best way to save space is by placing a horizontal arrangement on the front edge of the table. It extends out to the left and right of the table but won’t take up space needed for food and drinks. The key to saving money on this arrangement is to create a generous green base. By using the right foliage, you won’t need to spend too much money on flowers. In addition, this type of arrangement is not tall so the guests will still have the perfect view of the bride and groom.