Silk flower arranging tips

Silk flower arranging is much like fresh flower design. You need to choose the right flowers, the right colours and place each stem in just the right spot. If you are new to silk flowers and you are not sure how to create a faux flower masterpiece, here are some essential tips.

A Number of Flowers

An odd number of blooms is ideal in fresh and artificial bouquets. For a smaller arrangement, you might only need one large focal bloom surrounded by a few mass and filler flowers. A larger bouquet looks great with three or five focal flowers.

Choosing a Vase

Your silk flower bouquet does not need water which means that you can use just about any vase you like. You can add vase fillers to hide the stems or you can choose a non-transparent vase if you prefer. Make sure that the colour of the vase suits the colour and style of the bouquet.

Colours and Textures

If you want your silk blooms to have a realistic appearance, you need to choose natural colours. In other words, you should not insert red hydrangeas because they do not exist in nature. Keep it natural and make sure that your bouquet includes a variety of textures. This is achieved by including flowers with smoother petals as well as those with a more ruffled look.


Not only will you find artificial flowers, but you can also buy silk foliage. Keep your foliage to a minimum. It is supposed to fill in the gaps and complete the design. Your foliage should not completely take over or you will end up with something that resembles a forest rather than a bouquet.

Inspect Every Angle

When arranging your flowers, it’s a good idea to turn your vase as you work. This will ensure that the arrangement is balanced from every angle and is not higher or fuller at any point. When you display your bouquet, you will not need to worry about positioning it just right because it will be beautifully balanced.

Remember to keep your silk flowers out of direct sunlight, away from sources of heat and dust them regularly. These tips will ensure that they look just like fresh flowers and you will get that much more joy out of them.