September flowers for their birthday

You might already be aware of the fact that each month is associated with a different birth flower. If you are looking for the perfect September flowers for somebody’s birthday, you should consider a few factors. These include the traditional option as well as the preferences of the recipient. Here are some points to consider.

September birth flower

If you wish to include something traditional when selecting September flowers for a loved one’s birthday, you should opt for a bouquet that includes asters. These flowers work very well as mass or filler flowers in a bouquet and they are available in various colours including pink, red, white and purple. The contrasting yellow centre of these blooms resemble that of the pretty daisy.

Appearance and uses

Asters are known and loved for their star shape and the way that they can brighten up a room. Years ago, these September flowers had a number of medicinal purposes. For best results, you should pair these flowers with other blooms of a contrasting colour. So, if you choose purple asters, make sure that you pair them with yellow blooms to ensure that they stand out.

Their favourites

When in doubt, take a moment to consider their favourite flowers and colours. If you know that the intended recipient loves the colour pink and their favourite flowers are germinis, you could order a pink rose and germini bouquet, for example.

Extra gifts

When you send September flowers, you should take some time to take a look at the optional extra gifts that your florist has to offer. Some of the most popular options include luxury chocolates, wine, balloons and you could even add a delicious birthday cake!

After selecting the perfect September flowers for your loved one and adding any extras you choose, there’s just one more thing to do – compose a meaningful message. It’s important to let the recipient know how special they are as well as who the bouquet is from. Your florist will include the card but take note that there is a limit to the number of characters you type. Keep the message short yet sincere and try to be as original as possible.