Sending condolence flowers

When somebody you know and love passes away, it can prove extremely traumatic. Despite the feelings that you are experiencing, the immediate family of the departed is bound to be feeling an even greater sense of grief and loss. When sending condolence flowers, it’s important to know that there are a number of ways in which you can offer your support and sympathies.

Sympathy flowers

When you send sympathy flowers, you will order a bouquet for the family. Usually, the florist makes the flower delivery on your behalf. This is to ensure that the family feels your love and support without feeling obligated to invite you into their home.

In many cases, these kinds of condolence flowers consist of white flowers and green foliage. The colour white is a sign of your respect and it reflects the purification of their soul. If you know the departed very well, you can send a bouquet that includes their favourite flowers to the family. There is no rule against sending colourful flowers. In fact, colours can prove soothing and comforting.

Condolence flowers are often sent within a few days of the person passing away. Families need as much immediate support as they can get and fresh flowers offer this support and love. Plants are also popular sympathy gifts. Whether you choose to send flowers or a potted plant, you should always include a message card. Your florist will provide the card. All you need to do is let them know what message you would like to include.

Funeral flowers

For the most part, it is the family of the departed who arrange the flowers for the funeral. If you want to send condolence flowers but you would also like to contribute towards the funeral or memorial décor, you can consider a funeral arrangement.

When considering this option, you should make sure that you discuss this with the family first. You should ask them about the type of arrangements that they have or will be ordering. You should also find out about the flower types and colours. With this in mind, you can order an arrangement that will complement the rest of the décor.

Some popular funeral tributes include casket sprays, wreaths and personalised floral tributes. Make sure that you have the full address of the venue for the funeral as well as the time when the service is to take place. Discuss this with your florist before placing your order. Make sure that they are able to deliver on time. Alternatively, if you are able to transport the arrangement yourself, you can have them send the flower order to you and you can take the arrangement to the funeral home.

No matter the type of condolence flowers you choose, you can always be sure that you always give the family their space and enough time to deal with the initial shock of their loss. Grief is different for everyone. This is why you should offer support without forcing anything one way or the other.