Send fresh flowers to comfort their lonely heart

If you have a child who has gone away to university or college, it’s important to understand that this change can be as exciting as it can prove scary. This is a significant change for everyone so you should make sure that they do not feel lonely. When you send fresh flowers to their door, you can be sure that it will lift their spirits and let them know how much you care.

Bright autumn blooms

Before you send fresh flowers, you should take the time to browse and compare different bouquets. Arrangements that contain brighter colours are ideal. Colours like yellow and orange are excellent for lifting their spirits and boosting their energy levels. If you include plenty of green, it also helps improve their creativity.

Potted plant

If you send fresh flowers, they will last for a couple of weeks. However, if you want your gift to last even longer, you could send a potted plant instead. Yes, some plants require a fair amount of care. However, there are some plants that are very easy to care for. Plants like succulents do not need to be watered too often. They also grow slowly enough that they will not take up too much space and they will not need to be re-potted too soon. They are perfect for busy students.

Something to add

Whether you send fresh flowers or a pretty potted plant, you can always ask your florist to include something extra with your order. You could include some luxury chocolates, a cuddly bear or even a bright balloon. Consider what will make them smile and add as many extras to your flower delivery as you like.

Make the time

Finally, never underestimate just how important your time is to them. Simply making the time to chat with them on the phone or send a message from time to time will make all the difference. Of course, you don’t want to message them non-stop but you should regularly show your affection and support.

With all of these ideas in mind, remember one final important point. Your florist will include a card when you send fresh flowers. Take a moment to think of a special message that you can include in this card just for them.