Send fresh blooms just because

If you have somebody special in your life who needs to know just how much you care, why not send fresh blooms out of the blue? An unexpected flower delivery is just what we all need to make us smile even when we are feeling super low. If you are not sure what types of blooms to send, here are some fabulous ideas.

Beautiful sunflowers

These are some of the best flowers to choose if you’re looking to send fresh blooms for no specific occasion. They are bright and large which means that they will make quite the statement. They are great no matter the time of year and you can send them to any lucky recipient since they will not be perceived as a romantic gesture.

Luxurious roses

Depending on your relationship with the recipient, you will need to take acre when choosing the colour of the roses you wish to send. If you send fresh blooms that are red, for instance, they will send a romantic message. Pink roses express affection, white ones send a message of purity while yellow roses send a message of friendship. If you are worried that you might send the wrong message, you can always order a bouquet that contains roses of several colours.

Elegant orchids

If you want to really spoil somebody special, you should consider orchids. Orchids can be added to bouquets or you could send a potted plant if you want to send a gift that will last longer than a few weeks. They are available in different colours too so you can pick one that you think the recipient will love the most.

Sweet-scented lilies

More often than not, it’s not only the sight of flowers that makes us smile, but their amazing perfume too. When you send fresh blooms like lilies, you can be sure that they will fill the recipient’s home with the most amazing smell and this will lift their mood even more.

There you have a few fantastic ideas to help you choose the right bouquet. When you send fresh blooms, you can always check out the Just Because section at your online florist. There are plenty of amazing bouquets that you will find gorgeous and affordable too.