Send flowers that men will love to receive

When you think about ordering fresh blooms, you might not immediately imagine sending flowers to men. However, there are a number of types of flowers that men will appreciate. If you are not sure about where to begin, here are some tips to help you send flowers that any man will appreciate.

Colour choices

While pastels are popular for female flower recipients, bold and striking colours are the best option when you want to send flowers to a man. Dark reds deep purples, bright orange or yellow are ideal for male recipients.

Floral shapes

Look for flowers that have bold petal shapes. Send flowers that have strong lines as well as bold colours and you are all set!

Send flowers with the right vase

It’s not just about the flowers you choose, it’s also about the vase in which you arrange them. When you send flowers to a male recipient, you should opt for a vase with a wood or metallic finish. Ceramic designs are far more feminine and will not prove suitable in this sense.

Flower types

When you send a bouquet to a man, you need the right types of blooms. Some of the best options include white orchids, red chrysanthemums, birds of paradise, red roses and gerbera daisies. These flowers are known for their bright colours, unique strong lines and shapes or both.

Remember, when you send flowers to men, you are not limited to cut stems alone. You can also consider sending potted plants. Plants like orchids, succulents and terrariums make excellent gifts for men. You can also get creative with your planters. For example, instead of a regular planter, you could use a car or truck-shaped planter. Consider his hobbies and interests when selecting a planter to make the gift that much more personal. In addition, you can have your florist include some luxury chocolates to complete the gift.