Send flowers to a new love interest

When you begin a new relationship with somebody special, you might be tempted to spoil them rotten from the get go. Of course it’s only natural for you to want to spoil them and offer them all the comforts they deserve. That said, sending gifts every few days, or even once a week, will most likely not be within your budget for months or years to come. So, when it comes to sending flowers to that new special somebody in your life, it’s important to take it slow and allow yourself to build up to those grand gestures and declarations of love.


So, with this in mind, the first thing to avoid is roses. Roses are the most popular, of course, but they are also associated with a some of the most loving and affectionate emotions. The only rose that is not associated with love is the yellow rose. This rose represents friendship which, again, is not really appropriate because your relationship is so much more than that.


Brightly coloured bouquets are always fun and they will make any recipient smile. Think of a bunch of sunflowers and how their yellow petals brighten up any room. These flowers will show the recipient that you care without sending a powerful message of undying love.


If you know that your new partner enjoys a certain amount of elegance, than perhaps it’s a good idea to consider some kind of Zen flower arrangement. Just picture something with long, straight bamboo stalks accompanied by bountiful orchids, perhaps some cherry blossoms and all professionally arranged by a skilled florist. This kind of bouquet will show the recipient that you pay attention to their preferences and this is what makes it such an effective, yet subtle, declaration of your affections.


Another great idea is to choose a mixed bouquet that consists of a variety of bright, warm colours. Warm colours include red, pink, orange, and yellow. You can also balance this bouquet by adding just the right amount of deep, dark green foliage. The greenery helps the colours stand out even more!


Once you move from the beginning stages to a more steady relationship and the “L” word has been said or at least implied, then it’s time to surprise your partner with a bright red bouquet or, better yet, a bunch of deep red roses! Remember – there’s no need to wait until occasions like Valentine’s Day to send romantic flowers! The best time to surprise your partner is when they least expect it!