Scientists Create new formula to make flowers fluorescent

Have you ever looked out into you garden at night and wished you could place a feature in their to make the place brighten up? How about glow in the dark flowers? Sound crazy, well now thanks to scientists in Australia that crazy idea can become a new reality.

 Professor Mark Tester and his team have come up with a very simple formula wish can be used on most species of plants and flowers to make them grow in the dark. The idea is bound to be popular with gardeners and florists all over the world.

To make the fluorescent flowers work all you need to do is spray Gallasia Flowers onto you flowers at home place them next to a luminous device and the flowers will become fluorescent before your very eyes. The invention is currently only on sale in Australia but such demand will eventually lead to the sales around Europe and the globe. The effect of the invention is astonishing and can make even the dullest flowers in the garden become extraordinary. The flowers can be used on special occasions such as birthdays, celebration parties and weddings. Brides are sure to wanting these flowers to add a bit more brightness and fantasy like state to their own weddings.

The product can be easily treatable if errors do occur when spraying the formula onto your flowers at home because it is non toxic device and can be easily cleaned using warm water.