Saved- Planets most Rarest Flower is back

For over 200 years the world’s rarest flower has been on the verge of extinction. It is a very rare Camellia Flower. Having managed to survive two world wars and some of the worst winters in Britain, the Camellia is flourishing back.

The plant was originally imported from the far east over 200 years ago, and has battled for its survival ever since. Now, at the spectacular conservatory in Chiswick House, Gardener Fiona Crumley has given the flowers great chances of future survival.  After a £12m face lift, the conservatory has been able to cultivate these beautiful flowers. Many garden enthusiasts are very keen to get their hands on the historically rich flower. For the time being it is only available for viewing with only another two known to man.

Speculators have suggested that there are only two other flowers of this kind known to us on this planet. One is housed safely in NZ. This was taken by a Londoner way back in the 1800’s and has remained there ever.