The Royal Horticultural Society – A Brief History

The RHS is the globes leading charity organisation that promotes gardening, flowers and anything interesting in the green figure world. It all started back in the Eighteen hundreds when the Society was formed with the view to encourage more to take pride in the gardens. As years progressed and a greater awareness of the importance of Horticulture, the RHS now promotes this through Britain biggest flower shows. Notable these are the Chelsea, Hampton Court and Tatton Flower shows. The Society also encourages people to grow their own food and to buy there fruit and vegitable from local farmers and local sources. The Society worked with the Yorkshire town of Todmorden with a promotion called Incredible Edible Todmorden (IET). This was a scheme where plots all over the town were planted with vegetables, fruit and herbs and all the residents were free to go pick the produce when they wanted. This was also a scheme to promote eating healthier and choosing Organic produces.

The society is essential to look after our taste for gardening, they protect this by visiting school children all over the UK and work getting them interested in Gardening at an early age with the hope that they will be conditioned to eating healthier and enjoying more out door activites.