Royal Hampton Court Flower Show – The best exhibitions to see this year

The worlds largest flower show returns to Surrey this July! Between the 3rd and 8th of July, you’ll be able to take part in and experience exotic  beautiful flowers from around the globe. Since the show started, there has been a constant increase in the amount of flower fans who attend this fantastic event, as well as exhibitors showing their own wonderful flowering creations.

Utilizing  a full 34 acres of land for the show, there is plenty to see and a wide range of species of flowers to experience, as well a large choice of events for you to take a look at, to name a few, here are some of the new and updated events on at the Royal Hampton Court Flower show this year:


  • ·World of gardens – Which showcases a huge range of flowers throughout different green houses from countries around the world, experience exotic flowers you may not have ever even seen before
  • ·Low cost, High impact gardens – Some of the best garden landscapers from the United Kingdom showcase garden designs that wont break the bank; turn your garden into a botanical paradise!
  • ·Plant heritage – World wide Conservation – The marquee will host a special show which depicts the five continents and their respective flowers which are being conserved in the united kingdom due to their rarity; see some of the worlds rarest flowers with your own eyes!
  • ·Scarecrow competition – feast your eyes on some of the quirkiest scarecrows ever! Every year primary schools from across the country can take part in this part of this event, to see who can design the best scarecrow!

 Take a look for yourself at the Royal Hampton Court flower shows official website, for more details and information on where to purchase tickets from, as well as address, and travel routes to help you get there and back: