Roses for a June birthday

Every month of the year is associated with a particular flower. These birth flowers are the perfect gift to help somebody celebrate. The birth flower for June is the rose and, fortunately, they are readily available from all florists. Roses are one of the most popular fresh flowers and they look great in a bouquet without much effort at all.

Roses can be used in various ways to create an impressive floral display. The first option is to order or make a hand-held bouquet. You can add other flowers and foliage to the mix if you like and simply tie the stems together with string. Wrap some colourful paper around the flowers and perhaps some cellophane around the paper. Remember to cut all the stems to the same length for presentation purposes.

Another alternative is to order or make a vase flower arrangement. This will take a bit more effort in that you will need to carefully trim, condition, and position each stem. Again, you can choose roses alone or you can add other blooms and foliage to the mix. Baby’s breath looks particularly beautiful with roses, as does a wide, flat leaf if you want some greenery.

Flower arrangements can also be arranged in floral foam. The foam serves more than one purpose. It will need to be soaked in water in order to keep your flowers hydrated. Floral foam is also dense and compacted so each of your stems will be held firmly in place. In many ways, this kind of floral arranging is easier because the stems don’t move around as they do in a vase. It’s important, however, to remember that you will need a water resistant base so that the wet floral foam doesn’t make your tablecloth or table wet.

As for colours, this will depend on your relationship with the recipient. For your partner or spouse, red roses are perfectly acceptable. Pink roses are great for other ladies in your life such as your mother, daughter, sister, and so on. Yellow roses represent friendship and, if you’re really not sure, you can always ask your florist for a mixed bouquet!

Feel free to accompany your rose birthday bouquet with a bright balloon, birthday cake, or anything else you believe the recipient will enjoy.