Rose pairing ideas and display tips

Roses are considered to be a staple for florists around the world. Not only do they look fantastic all on their own, but there are also a number of superb rose pairing options that will help you create even more impressive flower displays. If you are looking for some inspiration, here are a few excellent ideas.

Yellow roses and berries

If you want to create a non-romantic bouquet, you should choose yellow roses. When it comes to yellow rose pairing, branches of viburnum make an excellent choice. The berries take on the role of fillers and they also give your display amazing texture. If you prefer pairing yellow roses with green elements, you could use Bells of Ireland, Golden Sage or Hosta leaves.

Mini bouquet idea

Not all flower arrangements need to be large. You can great a mini bouquet by using a few roses and the right fillers. Remember to use an uneven number of roses such as three or five stems. Place the short stems in a shallow dish and anchor the stems using vase fillers like pebbles. You can add some foliage in between to help fill up the display without overshadowing the roses themselves.

Classic carnations

One of the most popular rose pairing options of all is the combination of roses and carnations. This is because they are both popular blooms and they contrast one another perfectly. Roses are smoother in texture while carnations have ruffled petals. You can choose contrasting colours too. This will really help your bouquet pop.

Fun accessories

Remember, not all rose pairing options have to involve flowers or foliage. Feathers, for example, make a lovely addition to rose bouquets. They can be added in their natural state or you can dye them to any colour you like. Ostrich feathers are particularly lovely when added to taller arrangements.

Fresh fruit

Fruit is another great rose pairing idea. All you need to do is begin with a shallow bowl and line it with floral foam. Arrange your roses all around the border of the border of the bowl. You can add some foliage too, if you like. Now place your fruit in the middle of the arrangement. If you like, you can place a transparent plate in the middle of the arrangement so that your fruit does not come in direct contact with the soaked floral foam.

Other excellent rose pairing options include dahlias, orchids and hydrangeas. Roses are one of the most versatile of all fresh flowers. They are available in a wide variety of colours which makes it that much easier to find amazing pairs. If you are unsure about colour combinations, you can always use a colour wheel.