Rose bouquet care and how to remove guard petals

When you order a rose bouquet online or from your favourite local flower shop, you might notice that they are still in bud form. Roses are not like other types of flowers in that they will need some help to encourage them to open up. Here’s what you need to know about guard petals and how to remove them.

The purpose of guard petals

If you are wondering why your florist does not remove the guard petals for you, the simple answer is to keep your rose bouquet intact. These petals protect the more delicate petals inside but, if they are not removed, they can also prevent the flower from opening up. So, as soon as your bouquet is delivered, you need to carefully remove them.

Identify the guard petals

The first thing you need to do is identify the guard petals. You should find them easy to spot since they will not look as fresh and beautiful as the interior petals. Take your time inspecting each bloom in your rose bouquet, one at a time.

Peel away gently

Now that you have identified the guard petals, it’s time to very carefully remove them. To do so, place your finger on the inner side of the guard petal and press down very softly. This will help you peel away the petal from the flower. Do not simply pluck the petal from the bloom or it could losen up more petals in the process.

Discard or reuse

Once you have removed all of the guard petals from your rose bouquet, you can choose what you wish to do with them. You can set them aside, allow them to dry out and make potpourri or you can discard them if you do not have any use for them. Rather than throwing away, however, you could add to your garden compost heap.

Puff them up

After removing your guard petals, you can take another step to make your bouquet looks its best. You can use your finger tips to very gently tease the petals. With just a tiny bit of pressure, you can encourage the petals to puff outwards.

Remember, once you have prepared every stem in your rose bouquet, don’t forget to trim the stems, remove lower leaves and keep an eye on the vase water too. Not only do you want to make sure that your flowers have water, but also that the water is fresh and clean.