Romantic flowers for men

When you think about romantic flowers, many people imagine that it’s up to him to do all the flower and gift giving. This is not actually the case with romantic flowers for men becoming increasingly popular. When choosing a bouquet for him, you should remember a few important tips.

Red roses

Red roses are one of the most popular blooms when it comes to romantic flowers. They can be displayed on their own, with baby’s breath and even along with other blooms. They are a top choice for Valentine‚Äôs Day and anniversaries too. Since they are bold in colour, they are just as suited for men as they are for women.

Colour choice

Bold colours are best when it comes to romantic flowers for men. While many women love pastel shades, these colours are particularly feminine and, therefore, not ideal for men. So, instead of light pink, purple and similar colours, you should opt for dark shades of blue, purple, orange or yellow. You can even combine two or more colours to create the perfect contrast between warm and cool colours.

Shape and design

While women like flower arrangements that are elaborate in design, men are a bit more simple in their tastes and preferences. So, as opposed to a round or rounded bouquet, you should consider something more linear in design. Consider something that resembles an oriental flower display or even another type of modern arrangement. These minimalist designs are perfect for him.

Romantic flowers or Potted plants

If you are looking for an alternative to romantic flowers for men, you can always consider something like a potted plant. There are plenty of plants from which to choose and some require more care than others. In many cases, men are very busy with work and other responsibilities which is why they often prefer cacti and succulents. Make sure that you offer some care tips and instructions too.

Finally, if you are still not completely sure about sending romantic flowers for men, you can always opt for a chocolate bouquet instead. These arrangements look like a bouquet of flowers with a sweet twist. They are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth and they make the perfect romantic gesture.