Rich wedding décor texture with autumn arrangements

If you are tying the knot during the autumn season, you probably already know that there’s a lot of planning involved. No matter when you get married, it’s always an important affair and every little detail needs to be just right. Here are some suggestions and ideas for autumn arrangements that will make your big day extra special.

Autumn arrangements rich in texture

The changing of the seasons is perfect for embracing the different textures that nature provides. Create contrast by pairing grasses, branches and berries with classic wedding beauties like hydrangeas, roses and orchids. The smooth and soft petals will stand out even more against the various other textures in the display. Other blooms with more abundant petals such as chrysanthemums and carnations are also lovely. As long as the right colours are used.

The right colours

Colour is an important choice for every wedding and, if you are looking for truly authentic autumn arrangements, the top colours include rusty orange, deep red and dark green. Other colours like brown and mustard yellow can also provide the perfect contrast. For your bridal bouquet, you can add something extra in the form of light green hydrangeas, hanging amaranthus and even lisianthus. These extra touches will set your bridal bouquet apart from the rest of your floral décor.

Accessories and accents

Autumn arrangements are not only about the flowers and foliage that you use. It’s also important to consider adding accessories. Since this is such a romantic occasion, you could look into adding wooden flower picks in the shape of hearts. Leave them in their natural wood colour so that you add brown colour and that dried wood texture while giving the bouquet a romantic theme.

Now that you know what to look for in autumn arrangements for your wedding, you can take the next step and choose your flower holders or vases. Use floral foam if vases don’t suit your needs or budget. Alternatively, you have plenty of options including small round glass vases or similar holders made from ceramic or a brass or bronze-coloured metal holder like a watering can. Just make sure that the holder is waterproof and will not leak.