How to recycle your flowers

It is always wonderful to receive flowers, a gift from a loved one or just something to say thank you, but it is always sad when the gesture dies. You can, however, put some good use to the flowers, whether they are lily’s, roses or bunches of lavender, you can use them for a long long time.

You can try making your own potpourri out of them. Once your flowers have begun to wilt, pick the petals from the flowers. Taking some kitchen roll, place the petals on a windowsill that receives the sun for the most part of the day. Lay them on the kitchen roll for about a week, just enough for them to dry up. And that’s it! Place them in a bowl of your choice and they will naturally smell beautiful for weeks to come. Once that smell dies away a little get some of your favourite perfume and give them a couple of sprays and they will absorb the scent, slowly releasing it.

Alternatively, if your quite arty, stuff a cushion with some petals, it gives it a great scent and feels brilliant. The best flower to use for this is lavender. Lavender never loses its scent and has many health benefits too. You could also stuff a cushion with some eucalyptus, it’s fantastic for nursing a cold helping the body’s respiratory system.

Additionally, you could place the flowers with your compost, they are high in nutrients that will do wonders for your veg patch.

Finally flowers make great chicken fodder, they love it, however try not to give too much as it could flavour the eggs.