Purple Flowers

Whenever you need to send flowers to somebody, one of the first questions you ask yourself is what colour to send.  The usual choices include red, pink and white.  However, some people never consider sending purple flowers.  Just like any other colour flower at your florist, purple flowers come in a wide variety of shades and tones.  You can choose to compose a bouquet that consists of various purple tones or you could simply include some purple flowers in a mixed flower bouquet.  A popular combination is purple and yellow and such a bouquet can be sent for any occasion.

Purple Orchid Flower

Lucky for us, a large number of flowers are available in purple.  Roses, for instance, are one of the most popular flowers at any florist.  Purple roses signify enchantment and they convey the message that the sender fell in love with the recipient at first sight. There are a few other meanings associated with the purple rose.  Such include glory and majesty but none as popular as the message of love.

When most people think of calla lilies, they probably imagine a pure, white flower.  However, calla lilies are also available in purple.  For many years, the colour purple was associated with royalty and so, that makes this particular purple flower quite a popular addition to wedding flowers and even the bride’s bouquet.

Purple Flowers

When talking about purple flowers, there is one that you simply can’t leave off any list.  That is the orchid.  Orchids are one of the most elegant flowers out there and, although they might be a little more expensive than many others, they are certainly worth it.  They last longer than any other cut flower and they stand very well alone in a bud arrangement.  There is no need to clutter the arrangement with a bunch of other blooms.  If you wish, you can place some small yellow flowers in the vase along with a purple orchid and that will be more than enough to do the trick.  Orchids are also very popular when creating an oriental style bouquet which would consist of a single orchid stem, a few small flowers or blossoms and perhaps some bamboo as greenery.

If orchids are out of your price range and you are looking for a more affordable option, you could always send carnations.  Purple carnations are often associated with spontaneity.  In certain countries, however, they carry a different meaning.  In France they are given as funeral flowers to convey a message of condolence.

For those who prefer potted plants as opposed to cut flowers, you are in luck because one of the most manageable flowering potted plants is available in purple!  African violets are a household favourite around the world and they make a great gift for anyone.  All they need is regular watering and sunlight in order to flourish.  Place them on a windowsill and enjoy their flowers year after year!