Prevent animals from eating your plants

When you keep plants and flowers in your home, it’s usually quite easy to protect them from those fluffy friends. However, your garden is not always quite as fortunate and wild animals can cause a fair bit of damage if they are left unchecked. Apart from the damage they can cause to your plants, the financial implications of fixing your garden is another major concern.

Firstly, you want to keep animals out but you do not want your repellant methods to cause harm to them or nature in general. Make sure that the method you choose is kind and does not involve any harsh chemicals or harmful traps.

If your garden is visited by chipmunks or squirrels, you can keep them away by planting bulbs with garlic. By planting cloves here and there as well as garlic bulbs, you will enjoy your very own garlic crops and your garden will no longer be as appealing to these critters. Rodents can also be repelled by sprinkling some red pepper flakes around your garden. This will need to be done regulalrly since these flakes will be washed away by rain. If your property is visited by wild deer, you can prevent them from snacking on your flowers by spraying some liquid pepper spray on your plants. Ask your local nursery for their best natural product.

If animals are digging up your garden, you can collect some of your own hair or your dog’s hair to detour these animals. Cat hair is not effective and you will need to add more hair every couple of weeks and after heavy rains.

Cats can often mistake your flower bed for their litter box but this is easy to fix by simply adding lemon. Slice fresh lemons and toss them around your flowers. Since lemons are toxic to cats, they will naturally avoid this area.

If you want to keep animals away from a certain part of your garden and, instead, attract them to a specific spot, you can make a feeding area. Bird baths and feeds are great for this. If you own pets like rabbits and you don’t want to keep them in a tiny cage, you can set aside a part of your garden just for them. Make sure that you fence it in (with a tall enough fence) and be sure to add a foundation since they dig! If they have enough food, shelter, and space in this area, they will not crave anything from your personal veggie garden!

Dog owners should not worry about Fido lifting his leg to water the flowers. You might not want him watering your fruit and veg patch but, as far as other plants go, dog urine won’t hurt your plants and it will keep other critters out.

These are just a few natural tips for keeping animals from destroying your garden. By opting for a natural approach, you will do your garden and the local animals a great service. Plus, it’s a lot cheaper to opt for natural repellants than expensive chemicals.