Prestige Flowers visits Chester Zoo

Prestige Flowers made a visit to the wonderful Chester Zoo, not just to see the animals but also the wild life that the zoo sustains. We were able to take this incredible pictures of these interesting Butterflies on Artificial flowers. Butterflies are commonly seen fluttering around flowers, these plastic flowers enabled the butterflies to rest easily for public viewing, it enabled us to take these marvellous images.

These butterflies originate from all around the globe from Southern Indian to the Amazon rain forest. Below the butterfly’s appear to strike a pose for our photographer, standing tall flourishing its colourful wings.

Butterflies mainly fly throughout the day, there life cycle consists of 4 cycles. Some butterflies have evolved to have relationships with social insects like ants. They help pollinate flowers whereas some species can be a nuisance since the larvae can kill crops and flowers.


Prestige Flowers would like to thank Chester Zoo for giving us a fantastic time.