How to make fun wire flowers

If you want to make your own really creative flower bouquet but you want something other than fresh flowers, you can choose wire instead! Wire flowers are easy and fun to make and this is a craft that you can even have the kids help with too! Once you have made your first flower, you will know all about the steps and you can enjoy them yourself or use them as gifts.

Things you need:

  • Floral wire
  • Fabric or decorative paper
  • Fabric glue
  • Pearl, button, or whatever you want to use in the middle
  • Floral tape


  • Take a piece of wire and wrap the one end around your finger. Leave about 1.3cm and twist this tail around to secure it to your finger.
  • Slide the floral wire off your finger and trim off the longer end. Leave about 5cm attached to the ring for putting the flower together.
  • Repeat until you have enough petals for your flower.
  • Shape the petals gently with your fingers until they are the shape you like.
  • If you want larger petals, you can wrap the wire around two fingers instead of just one.
  • When your petals are ready, you can attach some fabric or paper.
  • Put glue on the frame of the petals and put the wire petals on the fabric. Let it dry and repeat with each petal.
  • When the glue is dry, you can cut off the extra material.
  • Put the petals together to form a flower and make sure that the 2 inch wire tails are pointed inwards.
  • Twist all the ends together and cover with floral tape.
  • Adjust and shape the flower as you like and glue the centre in place.
  • Let the flower dry before displaying.
  • If you want to make leaves, you can follow the same steps as you did with the petals but use green fabric.
  • Use another long piece of wire and floral tape for the stem