Preparing for Easter décor

Easter is a wonderful occasion to get the whole family together for a delicious meal and simple quality time together. All too often we get wrapped up in our busy lives and we don’t take enough time to enjoy the company of our loved ones. If you are planning on hosting a meal over the Easter weekend, it’s not only important to plan the food, but the décor too!

First things first, consider your colour scheme. Easter is often associated with all those gorgeous colours you find on Easter egg packages. So, some of the best options include green, yellow, blue, red, and even purple. It’s also a good idea to remember that pastels are generally more popular around this time of year rather than bright colours.

So, now that you know what colours you want to use, it’s time to pick out your décor! To make things easy, keep your main tablecloth white or off-white and use some colourful overlays to suit your theme. As for centrepieces, you can make your own Easter topiaries! All you need for each one is a little pot, a mini tree (can be artificial), some plastic eggs, decorative ribbon, floral wire, sticks, and some decorative trim stickers. Secure your tree inside the pot and place your eggs on the sticks. You might need to use some strong glue for this. Then decorate your eggs with the decorative stickers and secure them to the tree. Add some small dried or silk flowers here and there before wrapping a ribbon around the pot. Place a few of these along the centre of your table and you’ll certainly impress your guests!

You can also decorate each place setting by placing a colourful flower like a tulip on each plate. Make sure that the flowers are thoroughly washed before you do this! Feel free to place a different colour flower on each place setting if you want some variety.

If you want to make some tasty decor, you can dip fresh strawberries in chocolate. Of course, for Easter, you’re not going to use just any chocolate! First, melt some white chocolate and then add some colour to it. Remember, when colouring white chocolate, you should only use powdered colours or oil-based varieties. Never use water-based colourants or they will cause the chocolate to seize. Create as many different colours as you like and let them set. Then, use a tiny nozzle on your piping back or even a small plastic bag with a tiny hole cut out of the corner to decorate. If your strawberry is covered with pink chocolate, you can use some green and yellow to decorate it. If you used green chocolate, you can use red and blue to decorate it. Get creative and have fun!