Baby shower blooms

Baby showers are fun affairs that have evolved quite a lot over the years. In some families, baby showers involve games and even dressing up the mum-to-be in a funny costume. Other families prefer a more formal or elegant approach. Then there is the question whether it should be a celebration for both soon-to-be parents to attend or just mum. No matter the type of party or who the guest or guests of honour are, one thing is for sure – your baby shower needs the right décor! Balloons and fresh flowers are the number one choice for this event and there are so many amazing options out there!

Baby girl flowers

If the parents are expecting a girl, the top colour choices include pink, purple and white. While some might think that you have to choose between pink and purple, these two colours actually look amazing when properly paired in a bouquet. For example, pink and purple roses arranged with pink carnations and a few hydrangeas will look amazing as a centrepiece.

For the most part, the shades you use should be pastels rather than bright or luminous colours. That said, corals are particularly lovely and they have a wonderful way of warming up a room. In addition, if you really want to spruce up a pastel-coloured flower arrangement, you can add a few bright-coloured or very dark blooms to give the bouquet some colour contrast.

Flower arrangements can be set on each table as a centrepiece as well as on any buffet tables. They can also be used on the cake table and even on the cake itself. If you are using flowers to decorate any dishes, remember to make sure that they are safe and thoroughly washed.

Baby boy flowers

Blue, green and white are all popular when it comes to a boy. While there are plenty of pink flowers from which to choose from, the list of blue flowers is somewhat shorter. One of the most popular options are hydrangeas. These blooms are available in several shades and blue is one of them. Their lighter shade of blue is soft and soothing which is what makes it so perfect for this occasion.

Again, you can display these flowers as centrepieces, on your cake or anywhere else you decide to decorate for this memorable occasion.

Flowers for twins

If both babies are girls, then you could go with the pink or purple option. If both babies are boys, then blue is most likely your best colour scheme. But, what about one of each? A so-called pigeon pair. Well, then you need to mix it up a little! Alternate between the pinks and blues or you can ask your florist to come up with some unique designs that include both blue and pink elements.

With these handy tips in mind, planning the perfect baby shower is that much easier! You won’t end up second guessing your colour or flower choices when you keep it as simple as possible.