Prepare for spring allergies

As the spring season approaches, it can trigger mild to serious allergies for many. Fortunately, Allergies do not need to ruin your day or the beauty of spring. When everything is in bloom, you can take the following precautions to keep allergies at bay.

Limted exposure

While there are more allergens in the air, you can take certain measures to help keep your distance from main culprits. Some flowers have pollen that is released into the air whereas other flowers have heavy pollen. It’s the lighter pollen that affects your allergies. Heavy pollen, on the other hand, does not float through the air. So, if you want to have flowers in your home, you should ask your florist about those with heavy pollen or you can even ask them to remove the pollen from the flowers.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is not only great for fighting colds. If you give your body a regular boost, your immune system will certainly thank you. Even if you do come in contact with allergy triggers, a strong immune system will help you keep the effects of season change to a minimum.

Add some spice

Certain spices can be added to your food and it will help reduce allergy symptoms. Some examples of good spices that help with decongestion include chili pepper, tumeric, and cayenne pepper. Apart from the decongestion benefits, these spices also add amazing flavour to various dishes.

Cleansing time

If you feel like your sinuses are getting clogged, you might be due for a cleanse. Try a neti pot to flush out your sinuses. The gentle solution used in the neti pot cleans and soothes your nasal passages. You can also use herbal inhalants as a natural remedy for sinus infections and allergies.

Try tea

Herbal teas also have wonderful benefits and, if you are looking for tea to calm those allergies, you can try nettle tea, green tea, or peppermint tea.

Each of these methods works really well but, if you combine at least a few of them, you will enjoy even greater benefits and allergies will no longer be such a great concern.