Potted plants that are easy to grow

Not everyone has a green thumb and not all plants are easy to care for. If you want to give somebody a beautiful plant but you want to make sure that it won’t perish too soon, there are a number of lovely plants from which to choose.

Cacti and succulents are popular plants for busy professionals and anyone who is new at caring for potted plants. They don’t need frequent watering or constant care. For the most part, these plants take care of themselves. You need only water from time to time and you should make sure that they get enough sunlight. These plants prefer warmer environments which means that you should make sure that they are not exposed to very cold conditions.

Bamboo is another fun plant to grow and they can be particularly rewarding. The interesting thing about bamboo is the fact that they do not grow in soil. Simply prop them up in pebbles and provide water. The water needs to be changed every couple of days. You will also need to wash the stones. You might like to keep two sets of stones. This way, when you change the water, you can quickly place the bamboo back in the vase or container. Then, once this is done, you can take your time cleaning the other stones for use next time you change the water.

Orchids are easier to care for than most people realise. While it’s true that there are some varieties that are tricky to care for, but there are some that are not all that fussy. They just need indirect sunlight, a good amount of humidity, and the right size pot. Orchids will let you know if they are not happy with their conditions which means that you will have enough time to make things right again and save your plant.