Potted plant care mistakes to avoid

Whether you purchase a potted plant for yourself or you receive one as a gift from a loved one, the number one goal is to make sure that your plant thrives. This means that you need to give it plenty of water and lots of natural light, right? Well, not necessarily. While plants have basic needs that include water and sunlight, these are not their only needs.

Water is essential for any plant but there is such a thing as too much. The amount of water your plant needs will depend on the season, the type of plant, and the size of the plant. During its dormant months, a plant will not require as much water as it does when growing or in bloom. If you overwater your plant, you will notice that it will start to die. This is largely due to the fact that the soil is so wet that it causes the roots to rot. Make sure that you only water as needed and that your pot has drainage holes that allow excess water to flow away and into a catchment tray.

There are also those who neglect watering or simply forget. For obvious reasons, this can cause any plant to die. Remember, the root system of the plant will absorb nutrients from the soil through the water. Without water, your plant will not only dehydrate but it will also be unable to absorb valuable minerals.

When you receive a potted plant, it might be wrapped in some decorative paper. The first thing you need to do, no matter how gorgeous it looks all wrapped up, is to remove this wrapping and place the pot on a tray. If not, you will end up with a mess on your hands and the plastic can prevent proper water drainage.

As for lighting, not all plants enjoy the same amount of sunlight. Some need more, others prefer less. Make sure that you understand the needs of your plant and the type of sunlight they prefer. For example, some plants prefer morning sun and others enjoy afternoon sun. Place your plant in the right part of your home so that it gets all the sun it needs. If you notice sun damage, you may want to move your plant to a better place.