March birthday flowers for loved ones

If you want to spoil somebody you love with a special and memorable gift, you can be sure that fresh flowers will always make them smile. Here’s what you need to know about choosing March birthday flowers and gifts.


Every month is associated with a particular type of flower. For the month of March, this flower is the daffodil. Known for its bright and beautiful petals, they really are unique in more ways than one. These March birthday flowers will certainly brighten their day and it’s also worth remembering that they are the symbol of new beginnings. Since March marks the beginning of spring, this symbolism is really appropriate.

Potted daffodils

If you are looking for March birthday flowers but you want to send a gift that lasts longer than the average cut flower bouquet, you could choose a potted plant. Mini daffodil potted plants make excellent gifts for this occasion. Not only will they look amazing when they are delivered, but they will also last even longer than regular cut blooms.

Alternative bouquets

If your florist does not have any daffodil arrangements or potted plants available, not to worry, you can always find gorgeous March birthday flowers by simply browsing through their birthday bouquets section. Here you will find a vase array of colourful bouquets that include several types of flowers each carefully positioned to ensure that the bouquet looks its best. If you know what type of flower the intended recipient loves the most, you could always ask your florist for a bouquet that includes or consists of these blooms.

When ordering March birthday flowers, you can have them delivered directly to the recipient or you can receive the bouquet and deliver it in person. It’s completely up to you. You will be able to include optional extras like chocolates, wine or balloons and your bouquet will also include a card in which you can write your very own birthday wish.