Fun DIY beaded vase craft

Are you tired of those boring vases that you always use to display your flowers? Are you looking for a fun and creative way to spruce them up? Well, with just a few basic supplies, you too can create your very own beaded vase! Just follow these simple steps.

What you need to create a beaded vase:

  • Vase of your choice (preferably without curves or textured patterns)
  • Elastic thread (the kind used for making bracelets and necklaces)
  • Beads of your choice
  • Needle for threading your beads onto the elastic thread

How to make a beaded vase:

  • Make sure that your vase is clean and dry before you begin.
  • Measure one piece of thread to see how long it needs to be for you to create a string of beads that will wrap around the vase once. The thread should not be loose so make sure that you stretch it a little. You want it to fit snugly around the vase when you’re done.
  • Use the first thread to help you measure the rest and cut several threads.
  • Now for the fun part! Start threading your beads. You can use a single colour per thread and simply alternate between them as you place them on the vase. This is the quicker approach, of course. If you like something a bit more complex, you can alternate the beads on each thread to create a variety of patterns.
  • As you complete each thread, secure it with a knot and place it over the vase. This will allow you to keep track of how many more you need to complete your beaded vase and you can see your work as it progresses.
  • Once you have added the final thread of beads, you can add some water to the vase and fill it with flowers that suit the colours of your beads.
  • If you do not want to use fresh flowers, you can also opt for paper or silk blooms to decorate your new vase.

Some bead design ideas

There are so many fun ways of getting creative with your beaded vase design. Some ideas that you could use for inspiration include:

  • Using all the colours of the rainbow to create a bright and captivating design.
  • Use a single colour but in many different shades so you can ‘fade’ from dark to light or light to dark.
  • Try selecting colours that create contrast like yellow and blue or orange and dark purple. Alternate between these colours for an intense design.

The best part of all is that your beaded vase can be altered and redesigned whenever you like. The beads are not glued in place which means that you can remove each band, rearrange them or swap them out for new beads completely. It’s completely up to you!