Potted plant care – get them to bloom

When you display plants and flowers in your house, you will transform it into a home. You will give it that warm and welcoming feel that will delight all occupants and visitors. While fresh flowers will last for a couple of weeks, with proper care, a potted plant can last so much longer. Of course, if you purchase a flowering plant, you want to make sure it blooms as much as possible. Here are some essential tips to get your plants to produce flowers.

Lifespan of the plant

The first thing you should consider is the lifespan of the plant itself. While one potted plant will grow and bloom year after year, others may only have one or two seasons in them. The shorter the lifespan, the more impressive the floral display will be when it blooms. This is because these plants need to make the most of their short time and produce as many seeds as possible. Plants that live for years have more than enough time to produce enough seeds. During the first couple of years, they might not produce too many flowers but, after this, you can expect them to bloom beautifully if they are properly cared for.

The right plant for you

When choosing a potted plant, you need to make sure that you can cater to its needs and preferences. This means that you need to be able to offer it the right type and amount of sunlight as well as the right room temperature and humidity. For this reason, you should do enough research before choosing your plants.

Added nutrition

The soil in which your potted plant is rooted will contain some essential nutrients. However, it might not be as nutrient rich as many plants would like. To ensure that your plant gets everything it needs, you should invest in some fertilizer. Make sure that you choose a fertilizer that is designed for that specific type of plant. Orchids, for example, will need a different nutritional balance compared to cacti or succulents. Always follow the instructions on the package and make sure that you only fertilize during the growing period.

Real care

Many people agree that plants don’t just need sunshine and water to grow. They need some real care on our part. This is why they talk to their plants. Of course, there is a scientific reason why this could have a positive effect. If you talk to your plants, you will breathe on them and this means a higher level of CO2 in their immediate vicinity. CO2 is an essential part of the food making process of the plant so it makes sense that this will help it grow.

Whether you choose to talk to your potted plant or not, there is no denying the importance of choosing the right plant, selecting the perfect spot and offering enough water and nutrients for it to thrive. Some plants require deadheading and pruning as part of their annual care so make sure that you understand these needs in order to get the most out of each bloom season.