Potted Muscari plant care tips

Muscari is also known as Grape Hyacinth and it has been cultivated for many years. It is one of the easiest of all plants to grow both indoors and outside in the garden. If you want to buy a plant for yourself or somebody special, you should certainly consider a potted muscari. Of course, if you receive this plant as a gift or purchase one for your home, the following care tips should be kept in mind in order to ensure that your plant thrives.

The right container

When you buy a potted muscari, it should already be planted in a suitable container with the appropriate type of soil. Of course, it is important that you check the bottom of the container for drainage holes and, if the plant is wrapped in plastic, this should be removed right away.

Sufficient sunlight

All plants need sunlight in order to survive and your potted muscari is no exception. These plants enjoy partial to full sun so you can easily display them in windows where many other plants would otherwise perish.

Avoid the cold

If you place your potted muscari outside during the warmer months, it is important to bring it to a warmer spot over the winter. The ground will tend to freeze and this can have a devastating effect on the plant. If the pot is too large to move, you should take the necessary steps to insulate the pot and place a protective layer on the soil to help keep it from getting too cold.

Water needs

Like sunlight, all plants also need water. Your potted muscari will need to be watered regularly but you do not want to overdo it. Your watering schedule will vary based on the season. The warmer it is, the faster the soil will dry out so you will need water more frequently than in the winter. Always check the soil before watering to make sure that it is not still damp. You should always allow excess water to drain away before placing the pot back on its drip tray.

The right temperature

As mentioned above, this plant will not do well if temperatures drop too low and it remains unprotected. The ideal temperature for this plant, in order to encourage blooming, is 20 degrees Celsius.

More tips

In addition to the tips mentioned above, you should also pay attention to the health of your potted muscari on a regular basis. Remove any dying plant material once it has dried out. This ensures that the leaf is no longer viable and is safe to remove. Make sure that you keep the plant away from pets and young children since ingestion can have adverse reactions.

Your potted muscari is relatively low-maintenance compared to other houseplants. So, if you are concerned that you will not be able to tend to its every need, there really is no reason to worry. They are quite forgiving and, when you see them bloom, your efforts will most certain be rewarded.