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Dry roses to keep your Valentine’s Day gift for longer

Red roses are the number on choice for occasions like Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. Of course, fresh flowers don’t last as long as we would like. Which is why you might like to follow these simple steps to dry roses and enjoy them that much longer. Here’s how to do it. Prepare each stem Preparation […]

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Hiding flowers for Valentine’s Day and keeping them fresh

This year, Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday. Your florist might offer delivery on this day but you may not want to spend too long waiting for them to arrive. Not being able to schedule an actual time for the delivery, you might prefer to have the delivery made the day before. Of course, when […]

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Valentine’s Day gifts and flowers to make your partner swoon

When you are looking for Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas that will impress your partner, there are a few basic essentials that you can’t do without. By keeping these simple steps in mind, you can rest assured that your Valentine will feel absolutely pampered and it will set the stage for the most romantic date […]

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Flowers for Valentine’s Day and why you should send them

When shopping for a romantic gift, you will most certainly come across various flowers for Valentine’s Day. If you are not sure why you should send fresh blooms for this occasion, here are just a few reasons way fresh blooms will always make them smile. Perfect for romance When you send flowers for Valentine’s Day, […]

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Valentine’s Day plants and gifts for him

Celebrating the most romantic occasion does not mean that all the shopping is up to the men out there. You can spoil the special man in your life too! If you are not sure what types of Valentine’s Day plants and gifts will be best, here are some excellent ideas that he will love. Succulents […]

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Summer blooms for a new baby girl

Welcoming a new baby girl into the world is a wonderful celebration. While the new parents focus on all the necessities baby might need, it’s up to friends and family to brighten things up and lighten the load. Fresh flowers are perfect for welcoming a new baby and they give mum a wonderful boost of […]

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How to make a Christmas bouquet for your mantelpiece

Many people believe that there are only so many ways in which you can decorate a mantel piece over the festive season. You normally find an old fashioned garland pinned to the front of the fire place and maybe a few other decorative items. If, however, you have become bored with the same old decorations […]

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The birth flower for April

Just like your zodiac and birthstone, you have a birth flower associated with the month of your birth. For the month of April, there are two flowers we can enjoy – the daisy and the sweet pea. Find out more about the meanings of these blooms below. Daisies Daisies come in a variety of sizes […]

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