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Gardening advice for January

During one of the coldest months of the year, many people believe there is little or nothing to do outside. However, this is not necessarily the case. Here are some important gardening tips for the month of January. Not only are they perfect for this time of year, but they will also ensure that your […]

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Growing roses – tips for success

Many people want to decorate their garden as if a florist had their way. We want a green background with pops of colour throughout, especially during the warm, hot spring and summer months. One of the most popular cut and garden flowers is the rose. Roses come in various shapes, colours and sizes so you […]

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Protect plants and flowers from animals

It’s easy enough to protect plants inside your home and perfectly arranged florist flowers from being desecrated by animals. However, when it comes to your garden, you may have already experienced the destructive nature of your own pets and some wild critters. Not only is this frustrating but it can prove expensive in terms of […]

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Garden maintenance for the summer months

Taking care of fresh flowers from your local florist is much easier than keeping your garden happy in the summer season. All a freshly cut bouquet will need is fresh water, cut stems, and away from direct sunlight and wind. When it comes to garden maintenance, you’ll need to pay a little more attention to […]

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Gardening advice for the warmer months

As spring draws to a close and we prepare for summer, a number of changes take place. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are hotter and it’s time to make sure your plants are prepared for these conditions. Here is some gardening advice to make sure your plants look great and thrive all summer […]

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How to make your own flower candles

Have you ever looked at a candle and wished that you could decorate it to suit your home or preferences? Well, with a few basic supplies and some patience, you can do just that! Floral themes are excellent for your own home as well as gifts. You will need: White candle (large votive candle) Image […]

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Office flowers after the festive season

As we approach Christmas, we tend to feel a rise in excitement and joy. This feeling tends to continue as we enjoy the week leading up to the New Year. However, once all the holiday celebrations are over, it can leave many people feeling down and a little depressed. This is all the more reason […]

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Make your own silk rose topiary

Topiaries are becoming increasingly popular as home d├ęcor as well as decorative items for events like weddings. Rather than using fresh flowers, however, many people are opting for silk flowers instead. Silk flowers last longer and they don’t require water. When using silk flowers, it’s also convenient since you can make these displays ahead of […]

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