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Growing roses – tips for success

Many people want to decorate their garden as if a florist had their way. We want a green background with pops of colour throughout, especially during the warm, hot spring and summer months. One of the most popular cut and garden flowers is the rose. Roses come in various shapes, colours and sizes so you […]

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Protect plants and flowers from animals

It’s easy enough to protect plants inside your home and perfectly arranged florist flowers from being desecrated by animals. However, when it comes to your garden, you may have already experienced the destructive nature of your own pets and some wild critters. Not only is this frustrating but it can prove expensive in terms of […]

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Garden maintenance for the summer months

Taking care of fresh flowers from your local florist is much easier than keeping your garden happy in the summer season. All a freshly cut bouquet will need is fresh water, cut stems, and away from direct sunlight and wind. When it comes to garden maintenance, you’ll need to pay a little more attention to […]

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Gardening advice for the warmer months

As spring draws to a close and we prepare for summer, a number of changes take place. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are hotter and it’s time to make sure your plants are prepared for these conditions. Here is some gardening advice to make sure your plants look great and thrive all summer […]

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Gardening tips for every beginner

Are you looking for the best way to improve the look of your garden? Maybe you did some planting when you were a kid or quite a while prior yet you’re not known for your green fingers. Not to worry, with these novice gardening tips, you’ll have a lavish, thriving nursery in practically no time! […]

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Flowers to welcome an autumn baby

When a baby arrives it gives everyone the perfect reason to celebrate. Not only do friends and family want to welcome the new arrival, but they also want to give the parents some extra attention. New baby gifts are great for spoiling baby and for helping out the parents. Fresh flowers are great for creating […]

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Garden gifts that everyone could use

Gardening is a therapeutic and very rewarding hobby that many people of all ages enjoy. Spending time outside and then enjoying the fruits of your work are just what we all need in such a busy world. If you know somebody who enjoys gardening, you should consider these garden gifts to help them do their […]

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£210k raised for Barnardo’s at this year’s Firecracker Ball

Just in case you missed it, this year’s Firecracker Ball was held on the 8th of November at RuddingPark,Harrogate and it was a wonderful success!  Guests were treated to a magical night and scrumptious food all in the name of Barnardo’s Children’s Charity.  What better way to spend your money than for a cause like […]

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