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Flower bulbs you can plant this spring

If you are looking for ways in which you can spruce up your garden this summer, now is the time to plant those flower bulbs. While some bulbs need to be planted ahead of winter, others can be planted once the winter is over and you will enjoy their beautiful blooms in the summer. Here […]

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Home tips for a getaway without a holiday

So often we wish we could just get away from it all but a holiday is not possible. Not to worry, because there are a number of excellent home tips that you can use to give your mind a much needed break from it all. Here are some ideas for you to try. Tech break […]

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Best plant choices for the forgetful type

If you are known for forgetting to water or tend to your plants, not to worry because there is a plant out there for you! Here are some of the best plant choices for those who do not have the time or simply forget to water on a regular basis. Aloe If you overwater your […]

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Rose care advice for the spring season

Roses are incredibly beautiful and rewarding plants to grow. When properly maintained, they will produce an abundant amount of blooms year after year. Of course, this means that you need to follow the appropriate rose care tips to ensure that your plants thrive. Remove winter protection It’s important to protect your roses over the winter. […]

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Spring garden preparation for the warmer months

The weather is finally warming up and the days are slowly getting longer. Now is the time for some essential spring garden preparation to ensure that you have the perfect natural getaway just a few steps outside your home. Clean out your shed While this might not sound like a spring garden preparation step, it […]

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How to Make homemade Scented Candles from Fresh Flowerw

At the moment homemade scented candles are very popular. They are great for adding the extra bit of fragrance and relaxing tones to any situation. A fragrance can bring back many memories such as the first day of spring from when you were a child and all the flowers were in bloom. If you want […]

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Pink Breeze – Gorgeous next day flowers

Our Pink Breeze bouquet is one of the best value flower deals around, and it is available for next day UK delivery! Read on to find out why this bouquet is such great value for money:   This excellent bouquet includes Large , vibrant pink Roses, which is nestled comfortably by fresh green shamrocks, making […]

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Preparations begin for the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2012

The flowers show this year at the Hampton Court Palace promises to be the best yet with preparations well on the way. There will be exhibitions never before seen or done, even exceeding the expectations from the world famous Chelsea Flower Show. At this year’s flower show there will be 4 main gardens showing the […]

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