Gardening advice for including children

Gardening and growing plants is not only therapeutic for adults but it can be an amazing experience for children too. Of course, it’s important to make sure that you follow certain guidelines when getting little ones involved. Here is some important gardening advice for those younger family members.

Consider their age

The first bit of gardening advice to keep in mind is to take into account their age. Their age will help you determine just how much responsibility they can handle and how much help they will need. Older children can follow verbal instructions while younger ones will need a helping hand.

Getting messy

You should be prepared for a mess. So, don’t let your children wear their favourite outfits. Instead, let them wear old clothes that they won’t worry about getting stained. When you are done having your fun, don’t forget to pre-wash all those clothes before putting them in the washing machine.

Allocate each space

Another piece of essential gardening advice is that you should give each child their own area to work. You do not want any disputes or disagreements between them so they should each have more than enough space to work. This way, they will each have their own little garden that they can create and care for. You can let them choose between growing lush green plants, beautiful blooms or you could even plant a veggie garden.

Let them choose

It’s important to also give your children the opportunity to choose what type of plants they wish to grow. You want to allow them the opportunity to all grow the same plants but you also want to offer enough variety so that each of their gardens will take on a unique appearance. Remember some general gardening advice too – you need to ensure that each plant suits the location you have selected, especially in regards to sunlight.

With all of this gardening advice, you will not only be able to enjoy some quality time outdoors with your children, but you will also ensure that they enjoy a sense of accomplishment. When the garden starts to bloom, they will reap the rewards of all their work. They can take photos or you you can take photos of them with their pretty plants so that they can keep these precious memories for years to come.