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Bath bomb recipe and how to make your own

There is nothing better than running a hot bath and taking a long soak. Well, there is one thing that can make this experience better – a sweet-scented bath bomb! Now, before you rush off to buy one (or more), you should know that they are not difficult to make yourself. Here is an easy […]

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Flower soak recipe to help you relax

There is nothing better than taking a long soak in the tub surrounded by your favourite floral scents. If you want to make your own flower soak, you’re in luck because the recipe is super easy and requires just a few basic ingredients. What you need Dried flowers of your choice (rose, calendula, cornflower petals […]

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Best flowers for creating dried bouquets

If you love the look of dried flowers, you’re not alone! Of course, if you have ever tried to dry a bouquet, you most likely already know that it’s not always as simple as it sounds. Not all flowers are made for drying. They tend to disintegrate and they don’t maintain a beautiful colour either. […]

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Flower cone DIY instructions and tips

A flower cone is a fun DIY project that will allow you to bring life and colour to so many more areas of your home. You can hang them on doors, walls and windows around your home as you please. The best part of all is that you can really let your creativity run wild […]

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Flower arrangement tips and creative ideas

If you have never created your own flower arrangement and you are looking for the best approach, you will be happy to know that there are just a few essential steps you should follow. These tips will help you create the perfect bouquet for every occasion. Supplies You will need a few basic supplies including […]

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Important tips when sending flowers to your girlfriend

There’s a common idea that women are difficult to please and, when you want to present them with a gift, it can become quite a stressful process. Choosing the perfect flowers for your girlfriend will depend on several factors.   Start by taking into account the duration of your relationship. If you have just started […]

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Baptism and christening flowers

Baptisms and christenings are very personal and joyous occasions. Much like weddings, there’s plenty of planning involved. The décor needs to be just right and everyone knows that fresh flowers have a special role to play. When selecting flowers for a christening or baptism, here are a few of the top blooms and common practices […]

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Give a white bouquet that winter twist

Winter is a wonderful time to make the most of beautiful white flowers. White blooms remind many people of fresh snow. It’s those perfect, pure white petals that make them simple yet elegant and sophisticated. If you want to underline the winter theme when using white flowers, here are some ideas. Winter foliage and picks […]

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