Popular examples of foliage and filler flowers

When arranging your own flowers, it’s not only about choosing your focal blooms, but also fillers and foliage. In many cases, the foliage and filler flowers you use can even make or break the whole arrangement.

Myrtle is a popular type of foliage loved because of its long stems and glossy leaves. It also represents love and this makes it a great choice for wedding flower arrangements. Ivy is another wonderful type of foliage that can be used to create stunning horizontal arrangement as well as wreaths Ferns like the leather fern and the tree fern are also great for adding lush greenery and filling up gaps. Some other great examples of foliage include lemon leaf, silver dollar eucalyptus, and honey bracelet. Remember, it’s a good idea to add more than one type of foliage to give your bouquet an even better look.

As for filler flowers, baby’s breath is probably the most well-known of all and it can be used in just about any arrangement. They can even be used all on their own! A large bunch of baby’s breath in a simple vase looks absolutely fantastic! Statice is a lovely lavender filler flower that will add colour, texture, and close any gaps. Spray flowers like poms are great because they have more than one flower head on a single stem. Smaller in size and rich in texture, they can be used in a variety of bouquets.

Depending on the size of the bouquet, your filler flowers might need to be very small or they could be a bit larger. Some other popular fillers include bells of Ireland, delphiniums, and alstroemeria. Remember to choose colours that complement the rest of the bouquet and try to ensure that the textures of your fillers also contrast that of the focal flowers.