Poisonous flowers you should not plant in your garden

When planning your garden layout and plants, it’s important to remember that not all flowers are safe. There are a number of poisonous flowers that you should avoid planting. Especially if you have children and/or pets. If you simply must have any of the plants listed below, make sure that they are safely planted behind a fence or similar obstacle to prevent children and animals from reaching them.

Lily of the valley

These blooms are delicate and beautiful. They are also well-known for their sweet scent. However, they should not be ingested. The leaves, flowers, stems and roots are all poisonous to humans, cats and dogs.

Various lilies

Easter lilies and Tiger lilies are both poisonous flowers that you should avoid if you have cats. Even if you do not have your own cat, a neighbour’s cat could wonder into your garden and it would be devastating to know that your blooms caused them harm. If you wish to grow these flowers, make sure that animals cannot reach them.


These beautiful plants are lush even if they are not in bloom. Many people do not even realise that these are poisonous flowers. The leaves, flowers and bark are all toxic to humans, cats and dogs if ingested.


These are impressive bell-shaped blooms and they are tall too! They will certainly have an impact on the appearance of your garden. When you look at them, you may not even realise that they are indeed poisonous flowers! Humans, dogs and cats can suffer mild to severe symptoms if any part of the plant is ingested.


These poisonous flowers start to bloom in April. While they are gorgeous to behold, they are toxic to cats, dogs and humans.

These are some poisonous flowers that we often grow in our gardens without even realising the risks. No matter the type of plants you plan on adding to your garden, make sure that you conduct enough research and make sure that they do not pose a risk to you, your family or pets.