Plant flowers in Overbeck’s garden after 25 years of wait

 A unique plant which will only flower once every 25 years has come into bloom at a National Trust property in south Devon.

 The gardeners who work at the site, Overbeck’s, began noticing changes in the plants features in the first few weeks of May. The plant normally looks like a yucca plant.

 Since them first weeks of May the plant has rapidly come into life and now stands 11ft (3.3m) tall. The spikes of the plant are covered in flowers and buds.

 The plant originally comes from the country of Mexico and it uses all the energy it possesses to create the spike and then it unfortunately dies. The head gardener at Overbeck’s had this to say, “It puts all its eggs into one basket but after growing about 3in (7.6cm) a day, it just runs out of juice. I feel really lucky to be working here at this time – it’s not your everyday gardening experience”.

The gardeners at the site will collect the plants seeds over the next few days in the hope of being able to grow another generation of the Furcraea but however the plant may not flower for another 25 years.