Planning a Valentine’s Day getaway

Many people think of Valentine’s Day as just one day of romance. Why limit yourself to a single day when you can make a weekend of it? If Valentine’s Day already falls on a weekend, then you are in luck. Otherwise, you will need to wait for the weekend to celebrate. In this case, you could send a small arrangement, like a single rose along with a message about the romance that awaits on the weekend!


More often than not, it’s really not about the location but rather the thought behind it all. Something as simple as a bed and breakfast could be just what you need for a quick getaway. There is often no need for too much fuss but it wouldn’t hurt to consider looking for a room that has a hot tub and a nice view. If you have a favourite spot that you have visited in the past, you might like to revisit this location and remember all the romantic dates you’ve enjoyed before.


If you want to make the most of it, you should plan for the weekend. Depending on which day Valentine’s Day falls, you could make reservations for the weekend before or after Valentine’s Day. Many people prefer the weekend after Valentine’s Day because it gives them the chance to build up excitement by sending their partner or spouse little gifts and clues each day. Be sure to book in advance and confirm your booking as Valentine’s Day approaches.

Food and beverages

Be sure to ask for a bottle of champagne to be in the room and you could ask for other romantic gestures like roses, flower petals scattered on the bed, perhaps some luxury chocolates, and so on. There are plenty of wonderful ways to prepare the room so that your Valentine will be absolutely surprised!


Now it’s time to think about those gifts! Red roses are the top gift for Valentine’s Day and other popular options include champagne, chocolates, and stuffed animals. Whether you are looking to save time, money, or both, you could do your gift shopping online. Valentine’s Day gift hampers make gift shopping easier than every. You can even have the hamper delivery made to the address where you plan on spending your romantic weekend. Just make sure that you let the reception know to expect the hamper and to place it in your room before you arrive.

No matter what, you should always make sure that you keep these plans a secret! You want to surprise your partner or spouse which means that you should not tell anyone else and you will have to resist all of their questions!