Pitcher flower arrangement design ideas

When you take a look around your home after the holidays, you will notice just how empty it feels. There’s not as much colour all around and, given the weather conditions outside, it can all seem rather dull. This is exactly why you need to try making at least one of these fabulous pitcher flower arrangement designs. You surely have at least one pitcher at home. If not, you can always find one at your local grocery store or even a thrift shop if you don’t want to spend too much.

Bronze or copper

Bronze and copper are rich colours that warm up a room. They are associated with rustic themes but they can also be used in modern settings if you would like to create some contrast. Given the colour of your vase in this case, the pitcher flower arrangement should also include warm colours to complement the pitcher itself. Some great examples include dark yellow and orange roses. Combining these two will help highlight the various shades found in the copper or brass pitcher.

Vintage ceramic

If you have a ceramic pitcher with a vintage or similar painted theme, you can choose flowers that complement the colour of the paint used. For example, dark red designs are complemented by dark red blooms. You can use white flowers among your red blooms, of course, but its the red that will really stand out in this pitcher flower arrangement.

Modern ceramic

If you have a modern ceramic pitcher or one that is pastel pink, blue or purple, you should choose flowers that suit this colour. In addition, you want to make sure that your blooms have plenty of texture if the pitcher is plain. For example, you could choose flowers like carnations or hydrangeas since they are known for their abundant texture.

Country style

Similar to rustic designs, a country style pitcher flower arrangement can include a variety of blooms. The idea is to great a design that looks like flowers picked from a nearby field. You can include a fair amount of foliage, wheat, thistles and similar design elements to create this type of design. As for the pitcher, ceramic varieties in earth tones are ideal.

Modern glass

If you have a plain or tinted glass pitcher, it will most likely have a more modern appearance. If the glass is clear, you can use any colour flowers you like. The more striking the better. If the pitcher is yellow, then you should look for bright yellow blooms to place in side. You want the colour of the flowers to echo the colour of the vase.

These are just a few stunning pitcher flower arrangement ideas that you can easily make yourself. No matter the type of pitcher or pitchers you have at home, you are sure to find a great use for them as decorative vases.