Pink flowers for every occasion

Different flowers are associated with different meanings and their colour will go a long way to determining this meaning. No matter the occasion you are celebrating, you can be sure that there are pink flowers that will help you make this day extra special. Here are some of the most popular options from which you can choose.


You will find that these flowers are available in various colours – including pink. The pink variety is a symbol of femininity. In most cases, they are not used in cut flower arrangements but rather presented as potted plants. They normally bloom in the spring and summer and they can be planted in the garden if they outgrow their pot.


If you are looking for pink flowers that will surely impress any recipient, you should shop for begonias. There are many different species available and, for the most part, they enjoy partial sun and well-drained soil.


One of the most popular of all pink flowers is the chrysanthemum. The represent happiness and love and they are often presented along with other types of flowers like roses.


If you are looking for pink flowers that will last, you cannot go wrong with carnations. These are some of the longest-lasting of all cut flowers. They can be displayed on their own or along with other blooms like lilies or roses. The pink variety sends a message of gratitude and carnations are also associated with Mother’s Day.


One of the most interesting facts when it comes to hydrangeas is that the colour of these flowers depends on the pH of the soil in which they are grown. This means that a single plant can produce more than one colour if the roots venture towards two different areas with different pH levels. When you choose pink flowers of this variety, you will send a message of true feelings. They are perfect for so many occasions and various recipients. They can be included in cut flower bouquets and as potted plants if you prefer.


These plants were popular during the Victorian Era and they are native to the Mediterranean region. They are grown from bulbs and are available in several colours. The pink ones represent playfulness and they are a popular gift as potted plants. Not to mention the fact that they smell amazing!


Lilies are another popular choice when it comes to pink flowers. Not only do they have a wonderful exotic look, but they also have a wonderful perfume that will fill the room. They can be enjoyed on their own or paired with other flowers like roses.


If you are looking for a truly luxurious floral gift, look no further than potted orchids. While they can be included in cut arrangements, they are far more appreciated as potted plants since they will bloom year after and bring the recipient years of joy.


Of all the flowers you will find at your local florist, roses are by far the number one choice. Red roses are a symbol of romance and passion while pink ones send a message of affection. They are ideal for friends, family members and if you are in a new relationship.


If you want an arrangement with some extra height, be sure to have your florist add some snapdragons to the mix. They are available in several colours and they will certainly make any bouquet that much more impressive. If you choose pink snapdragons, they will send a message of grace and protection.


Like many other flowers, tulips are available in several colours. If you are looking for pink flowers that will send a message of endearment and care, you should certainly opt for tulips!

These are just a few of the most popular choices when it comes to pink flowers. They can be sent for birthdays, Mother’s Day, to welcome a new baby girl or any other occasion. If you are shopping for a specific occasion, you should check out the bouquets designed for this occasion at your online florist. This always makes shopping so much easier!