Things every beginner gardener needs

If you wish to try your hand at gardening or if you know a loved one who wants to try growing their own plants, flowers, or even starting a veggie garden, it’s good to know the basics. There are certain essential supplies every gardener needs to get their garden started.

Gardening supplies

There’s no need to invest in the most expensive tools when begin. It’s best to use cheaper tools until you figure out which ones are your favourite. These basic tools include a rake, trowel, and a stirrup. Each tool has its purpose and by having the tools you need, it will make the job that much easier.


Shop around for a selection of seeds, seedlings, or plants. It’s important to understand that different plants should be planted during different seasons. This is also true when it comes to seedlings and plants. Many plants should only be moved from their pots to your garden during a particular stage of their development and depending on the weather conditions.

What to wear

It’s important to wear comfortable clothing and an outfit that you can get dirty without any regrets. It’s a good idea to wear a hat, use proper sun protection, and wear gloves to keep your hands in perfect shape. It’s not just about keeping the dirt out from under your nails, but also preventing scrapes and scratches.

When you want to spoil somebody who is interested in exploring gardening as a new hobby, think about a gardening gift hamper with all the basics they need!