Pick the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers

Whether you are celebrating your first Valentine’s Day with your partner or with your long-term partner or spouse, it’s always important to choose the perfect gift. Fresh flowers are the number one gift for Valentine’s Day. No matter how long you have been in your relationship, there is always a fantastic flower arrangement just a click or phone call away.


This is obviously the number one choice. Red roses are the top option because they are the symbol of romance and passionate love. Of course, red is not the only colour option. Depending on your relationship with the recipient, you could opt for white, pink, or even yellow roses. Consider the different meanings of each colour before taking your pick.


This is a close second when it comes to Valentine’s Day favourites.Red tulips, like red roses, also symbolise passionate love. Again, like roses, you could also opt for a different colour if you prefer. Each colour has its own special meaning which is why it’s important to ask your florist or do some research before you make your selection.


Another popular choice and available in various colours. For Valentine’s Day, red is the top choice but other colours are also suitable. White carnations symbolise innocence while red ones represent affection and fascination.


If you want to send something especially unique and luxurious, you could choose orchids. The unique and unusual beauty the orchids possess make them a special gift for all occasions – including Valentine’s Day. If your partner or spouse has particularly refined taste, they will love an orchid plant for Valentine’s Day.


Another lovely option is the lily. White lilies are associated with pure goodness and, apart from their beauty, their shape also makes them especially alluring. There are various types of lilies and several colours. Check with your florist when searching for the perfect bloom for the person you love.