Peonies are back!

Are Peonies the blousiest Blooms?

 Peonies are possibly the blousiest blooms on the block. However the flowers do tend to be short lived. Most peonies flower in May and some tend to bloom later in June and make great flowers for your home.

Herbaceous peonies grow the best in borders among other perennials. They tend to grow one metre tall and the flowers appear over the green leave in time. Other flowers that the peonies grow well with are bearded irises.

Tree peonies are deciduous and keep woody stems throughout winter to keep themselves protected from the weather and the flower on the tree peonies tends to be larger than the herbaceous peonies.

Peonies that have been freshly planted don’t tend to flower in their first year as they don’t like being moved and re-planted. In time however they should bloom and the bloom will be worth the time it has taken. Plant them in rich, fertile soil in a sunny spot and it shouldn’t be long before the flowers come out. If you do need to move some peonies that you already have then preferably do it in October when the flower has lost its leaves.