Pamper mum with a soothing bath for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is all about showing mum that she is loved and appreciated. Traditionally, children pamper their mothers with flowers, gifts, and more! One of the best gifts you can give mum on this day is the day off from all her usual chores. Apart from preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you should also be prepared to take care of any cleaning. You can also spoil her with a special, soothing bath.

Run hot water to fill the bath tub and add bath salts or soothing oils to the water. Anything added to the water should be full dissolved before mum enjoys a soak. Make sure that you choose the kind of salts or oils that will encourage relaxation and help relieve stress.

While the water runs, you can arrange candles around the tub and wherever you can in the bathroom. Scented candles will provide light as well as fill the air with a delightful scent. Make sure that if you do use scented candles, you should choose a single scent and not mix more than one together.

Just before mum gets into the bath, you can scatter some flower petals on the water and in other areas of the bathroom like around the edge of the bath and sink. Set a glass of chilled wine next to the bath so that mum can enjoy it as she soaks. If she prefers a different beverage, you can substitute wine with this beverage instead.

You could also help mum relax by putting on her favourite music and don’t forget to set out a bath towel and robe as well. If you buy a special pamper hamper for Mother’s Day, you might even find one with luxury bath products and even a gorgeous towel or robe included. For young mothers, it’s always a treat when they get to relax while somebody else watches the little one or little ones. Those few precious moments to themselves are all it takes to reset and unwind.