Pairing your vase with the right flowers

The key to creating the perfect floral display is choosing the right vase. As beautiful as your flowers may be, the wrong vase can ruin their superb effect. The type of vase you choose will depend on the type of flowers, the number of flowers, and the length of their stems.

A trumpet-shaped vase is one that flares at the top. They are perfect for flowers like snowdrops and ranunculuses. These flowers are great for enhancing that flared appearance. Sphere vases, as the name suggests, are round in appearance with a small to large hole at the top. These vases are best for flowers with shorter stems. When arranging flowers in this type of vase, you can leave the stem as long as possible and allow it to rest across the vase rather than trying to prop them all straight up.

Bottle-shaped vases are narrow at the top and suitable for fewer flowers. While the base of the vase is large enough to hold several stems, the smaller top portion of the vase limits the amount of stems that you can fit in these vases. Cylinder vases, as the name suggests, have a lovely cylindrical appearance that works well with tulips, hyacinths, and anemonies.

Low pan vases are flat in nature which is great for floating flowers like gardenias or anything else that you may like to use as a floating display. Finally, there are pails. Pails are like buckets and can hold a number of stems. The larger the pail, the more flowers it can hold. Hydrangeas look particularly wonderful in pails as do other full flowers.

Don’t forget about the importance of colour. When choosing your vase, make sure that you choose a colour that will suit the bouquet as well as your home décor. In most cases, something neutral such as clear glass, white or black ceramics will look great without fail.