Kids crafts for Mother’s Day

If you are looking for crafts for Mother’s Day that the kids will enjoy, you are in luck! There are plenty of amazing craft ideas that suit various ages. So, dad, if you want to surprise mum with something special and homemade, here are a few ideas.


Handmade cards are always such a precious gift. You might need to help your little ones cut paper or cardboard and spell certain words, but it will mostly come down to their creative handiwork. Let them choose the colours and decorate the card on their own. This will certainly make them feel like they are part of the Mother’s Day celebrations.

Paper flowers

For slightly older children with reasonable dexterity, you can teach them how to make paper flowers. Use colourful crepe paper and green pipe cleaners to great a fun and long-lasting bouquet. Yes, dad, you can present mum with some fresh flowers too, but let the kids get creative and make something she can enjoy even longer.

Family collage

If you fancy crafts for Mother’s Day that everyone can work on together, how about a family collage? You will need to print out quite a few photographs and you will need a pretty frame too. Make sure that your frame is the right size. You want it to be large enough to hold dozens of pictures, but you also want to make sure that it will fit on a particular wall in your home. Cut your photos out to eliminate backgrounds and work from the centre outwards. If you have close up photos, you can use these ‘headshots’ in the middle.

Just like the focal point of a flower arrangement. Make sure that you have one large image of each family member in the middle. Expand and alternate photos so that they are nicely mixed up and there are no clusters of one particular family member. You can use blue tack to secure the photos in place. This way, you don’t have to worry about gluing them permanently and you can still move them around if they don’t fit perfectly. Place in the frame, wrap and present to mum on Mother’s Day.

Decorate a vase

If you are planning on ordering flowers for Mother’s Day, you can get the gets involved in decorating a vase for these blooms. Find an old vase, bottle, jar or similar item that can be repurposed as a vase. Allow your children to paint, decorate or create a decoupage vase using various supplies. Once they are done, you can place the blooms in the vase before presenting them to mum.

These are a few great kid-friendly crafts for Mother’s Day that everyone will enjoy. Remember, depending on their age, you can even get children involved in making mum a special breakfast in the morning. They will love getting involved and mum will feel super pampered.