Out if Order Hospitals who refuse Flower Deliveries

Here at Prestige Flowers we understand how frustrating it is when a loved one is in hospital and all you want to do is send them a beautiful bouquet of flowers to let them know that you are thinking of them and wishing them a speedy recovery. We always ask all of our customers first to check first whether that Hospital will accept florist deliveries as many will refuse them at the door. This, they say, is because they pose a ‘significant’ health risk to their patients.

We can now confirm, through scientific testing, that this is absolute rubbish and hospitals are wrong to refuse their patients flowers at their bed side! They claim that by prohibiting flowers form the hospitals it will slow recovery time and increase the risk of infection. However, from recent research, evidence shows that flowers actually increase recovery time bringing them to a speedy recovery.

There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that flowers increase the risk of infection. The fresh air that perspires from flower is of greater benefit than the artificial oxygen that patients receive. The visual appeal and thought that someone cares is incredibly valuable for a patient and essential for a speedy recovery. For now, we still advice our customers to check each hospital and ward first to see if they will accept flowers, here’s hoping there will be a complete lift on any hospital refusing flowers.