Orchid facts that you may not know

Orchids are absolutely stunning flowers and they make memorable gifts for all occasions. While some like to use cut orchids in flower arrangements, others prefer to present their loved ones with an orchid plant. No matter your preference, there are bound to be a few orchid facts that you don’t know.

Exotic beauties

Today, orchids are available all around the world. Provided they are properly cared for, these plants can enjoy a long life in their pot. However, what many people may not know is that these plants are originally from South America and other exotic locations like Hawaii. This means that the most important of all orchid facts is that they are tropical plants. This means that they enjoy warmer climates with plenty of humidity. The Chinese used these flowers to treat such ailments as lung illnesses and coughs. The Aztecs enjoyed a vanilla drink mixed with chocolate and orchid flowers for strength. Unlike many other types of flowers, these blooms have a uniquely exotic look which is most likely why we find them so attractive.

Searching for new varieties

During Victorian times, people became somewhat obsessed with finding new types of orchids. They would send out explorers to various exotic locations to find new textures, colours and shapes. The irresistible beauty of these blooms and the way that each variety differed so much from the next was extremely enticing. Another one of the most interesting orchid facts is that they became a status symbol in homes during this time.

Continued popularity

Of all the houseplants that we know and love today, one of the most popular of all is the orchid. This is because they are known to produce flowers that last very long. Unlike many other types of flowering plants, these blooms last long on the plant and as cut flowers.

A part of Feng Shui décor

The Chinese have a very strong relationship with the orchid and, as such, it is an important part of Feng Shui in many homes. It is displayed to enhance fertility and family. The colour is the determining factor when it comes to the potency of its effect. Pink blooms are great for maintaining harmonious relationships. White orchids help encourage harmony, calm and peace. You can also help attract romantic luck by placing this plant in the relationship corner of the house.

Long blooming season

Most plants bloom for just a few months. The weather and other conditions need to be just right in order to encourage blooming. As far as orchid facts are concerned, these plants can actually bloom for many months of the year. If they are properly cared for, they can even bloom year after year. It’s all about meeting the needs of the plant and ensuring that you keep it happy during blooming season and in between.

Easy to grow

One of the reasons why some people may shy away from orchids is because they believe exotic plants are difficult to care for. The good news is that there are so many different types of orchids available. Yes, some are tricky to grow. However, for the most part, the orchids you find at your florist or local growers are easy to care for.

Now that you have all the orchid facts you need, why not spoil yourself with one of these elegant and irresistible plants for your home? They also make wonderful gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and house warmings too. Consider the type and colour when selecting the plant and be prepared to fall head over heals for these beautiful blooms!