Orchid care during the winter months

Your orchid requires care throughout the year. During the cooler months of the year, this care will differ somewhat since weather conditions are different from those of summer. Here are some essential orchid care tips to keep this plant happy even during the coldest of months.


Once of the most important points regarding orchid care is light. Make sure that your provide this plant with enough light by placing it in the sunniest room in your home. These plants enjoy plenty of bright, indirect light. Take care, however, since direct sunlight can do more harm than good. In nature, these plants grow in areas where light filters through the leaves of taller plants and trees. This is why you need to make sure that your orchid gets indirect sunlight rather than direct light.

Cold drafts

Make sure that you do not place your orchid plant near a door or open window. If the plant is exposed to cold drafts, it will cause the buds to fall off and you will not enjoy beautiful blooms as you should.

Dry heat

While avoiding cold drafts is an essential part of orchid care, it is just as important to keep these plants away from dry heat. In nature, orchids grow in humid environments. If you blast your orchid with dry heat, it will certainly fail to thrive and possibly even perish. Keep orchids away from fireplaces, heaters, and any other source of heat.

Inspect the roots

When it comes to winter orchid care, you need to inspect the roots from time to time. If the roots are dry and gray, the plant might need more water. Take a close look at the leaves too. If they are wrinkled or, in some cases, if they are no longer upright (and are pointing downwards instead), you need to water your orchid. Make sure that you do not water your orchid from above. These plants need to be watered from below. When the roots are plump and green, you will know that they are healthy again.


You can provide your orchid with the humidity it needs by placing it on a humidity tray. All you need to do is line a tray with pebbles before adding water. Place the planter on top of the pebbles. As the water evaporates from the tray, it will create humidity around the plant.

By following these orchid care tips, you will ensure that your plant grows as it should and produces plenty of beautiful blooms. Remember, these plants will produce flowers during the bloom season before entering a dormant phase. During this dormant phase, you might think that your orchid is dying. This is not the case and, all you need to do is check the roots and leaves of the plant to make sure that it is still doing well.